The Secret To Reconnecting To Your Cycle

Cyclical living for women, menstrual cycle awareness

Did you know its possible to live in sync with your cycle and utilise it as a navigational guide through your menstruating years?

We have been taught that the menstrual cycle puts you in a state of deficit where it will cause you problems, its dirty and its something to be hidden. There is a HUGE taboo and stigma around menstruation that dates back literally hundreds of years. A stigma that can still be felt today in so many cultures. There is a cultural narrative which distracts women from connecting to your physiology and biochemical nature.

We have been taught to look after our bodies in a constant manner. To exercise at the same level throughout the month, to eat the same things through out the month and that our energy will be at the same level throughout the month. Diets are heavily studied on men and marketed to women which don’t take into account your bodies cyclical process.

The thing is as women we don’t work in a 24 hour cycle which men do.

We work on a 28-30 (Approximately) cycle.

We are cyclical beings with four distinct phases of your cycle which energy levels go through a distinct cyclical current. Each phase of your cycle has different qualities, strengths and weaknesses as well as a different impact on your mental, spiritual, emotional, physical health.

By working with your cyclical nature and tweaking the the foods you eat, the way you move your body, when you socialise, when you rest, the way you show up in relationships and even the way you run your business you can start to work WITH your cyclical nature, rather than it happening TO you. You start to work with your nature and optimise your energy throughout the month so its balanced rather than hitting burnt out and overwhelm on a regular basis.

In the video below I share a simple and effective teaching on reframing your cycle. If you would like to know more go check out the The Embodied Cycles Collection that is now live in the shop. A Woman’s Guide To Cyclical Living eBook and Integration Journal is a powerful resource and starting point for women to learn about your cycle. You will learn the basics on your fluctuating hormones, energy levels throughout the month with whole heap of self care and wellness practices and prompts in the Integration Journal so that you can implement what you learn and dive in straight away.

THE EMBODIED CYCLES COLLECTION: A journey to coming back home

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