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Mandala Magic

Mandala Magic
A journey into heartful art & wellness

Mandala art is a therapeutic and sacred art form that has been used for hundreds of years across many ancient religions. The word “Mandala” is a sanskrit word which means circle. They are circular structures that symbolise the universe and the whole. 

Mandalas have been used for many years  to help focus attention, create a safe space for self inquiry and spiritual guidance, and also as an aid for meditation. (How yummy does that sound!)

It is a soulful art practice and by bringing it into our day to day like it brings positivity within ourselves and helps your mental and spiritual well being. 

The Mandala Magic Course is a journey into soulful art to help you find relaxation, mindfulness and a beautiful creative escape from modern day life. You will feel a great sense of calm and openess from letting go of the busyness of day to day like to focus on your innate creativity. 


This is a great class for anyone wanting to:

Learn how to draw mandalas

Find a creative outlet that lets you unwind and become present in the moment

Tap into their creativity and use it for their mental and spiritual wellness



Main Mandala Tutorial

Messy Mandalas Tutorial 

Spark Your Art Meditation

Facebook Group where you can connect with fellow creatives and share your work/process 



Learn how to draw mandalas

An intimate space to share your work with fellow artists also on the journey

Be witnessed in your creative process


Cost: £50