How to run a business that supports your wellbeing

Going self-employed and deciding to start your own business can be a scary step to take in life. 

But also the most exciting. 

Taking the steps to turn a side hustle or a dream you’ve had to run with it into a business can totally shift the way you approach your life and how you do things.

Four years ago I started a job at a debt management company that was meant to be very “staff focused”. They had all sorts of things in place to “look after their staff”. I put this in inverted commas because well, it was a load of shit.

I had, let’s say, a problematic root canal which ended up with me experiencing my first panic attack. If you have never had one before, I’m really glad as I genuinely thought I was having a heart attack in the middle of a busy office. It was really intense. I had no idea where it came from and why I was feeling that way and promptly got sent home to the doctors only for them to shrug it off. I felt so silly. The thing is, my body was screaming at me that something wasn’t right. 

Now I don’t know if it was the failed root canal that triggered this or a combination of office life sucking away my soul, probably a combination of the two but anyway, it was a tell-tale sign that something in my life had to change. 

It was time for a change

At the time I was starting my personal development journey and diving into wellbeing and embodiment as a woman. Creativity was something that called to me but honestly, I didn’t have any kind of consistent practice of making art. I was more of a bystander and avid pinterest oodler of artwork that sparked something for me. Business was also something that intrigued me. I studied creative arts and events management so had business in my sphere but there is a big difference to writing about it to running your own. 

Since leaving university I was always doing bits of research about how to work from home so that I could travel and live flexibly around work. A 9-5 job just didn’t satisfy my soul, and clearly my body knew that too hence the onset of panic attacks. So I pooled all my online skills together and reached out to social media that I was setting up as a Virtual Assistant. Supporting online businesses and entrepreneurs to share their work with the world. My intention behind this was to learn all the back end of running a business. From blogging, social media management, to finance and running an online shop I dived right in and have been researching and implementing like a maniac with lots of trial and error along the way (of course).

Creating a business that supports my wellbeing

While running my business as a Virtual Assistant alongside the women’s work I’ve done into cyclical living around our menstrual cycles (to honor our fluctuating energy as menstruating people) I have been able to integrate running my business in line with my wellbeing. It’s something that’s incredibly important as a business owner as oftentimes it’s lonely and there’s so many elements to running a business that it can get overwhelming. 

It is so important to figure out what fills you up and what depletes you whilst running your business. To learn about your cycle of working in creative mode and in business admin mode so that you can work with your personal process so that you don’t hit burn out or loose passion for your business.

Working your business around your cycle

One way I infused a soulful wellbeing approach to my business process is learning about your menstrual cycle as a female, menstruating business owner. It can teach you so much about your fluctuating energy levels and you can strategize and plan certain tasks for phases in your cycle. This allows you to have periods of busy, outward facing social work and time of gentle work and well deserved rest.
If you want to learn more about your menstrual cycle and cyclical living go check out my e-book A Guide To Cyclical Living, it comes with an Integration Journal so you can put into practice what you learn straight away! Honestly though, it’s a game changer.

5 Ways to look after your wellbeing whilst running a business

If diving into the energetics of your menstrual cycle is a bit too woo for you that’s cool too. Here are some other ways that you can infuse an approach to running your business that nourishes you:

  1. Make time for play! Allow yourself to step away from work and play. If you are a creative/artist do you schedule in time to make art/work that isn’t driven by making an income?
  2. Take note of times during the month you are high energy and times in the month you are low energy. Can you plan your work according to your energy levels so that you can do both outward facing work and times you can take it slower. 
  3. Delegate. Are you at a point in your business where you have too many jobs to do any can’t manage them all yourself? Delegate by using a virtual assistant. You can hire a VA on a monthly retainer or one off basis (hi, hello, im a creative virtual assistant and can help you with this)
  4. Find your community. Do you have a community that you can tap into who are also fellow business owners and know the struggles you face? A space where you can also celebrate your wins too? Having a community around you as a business owner is SO important. Some people don’t get what running a business takes and it can really put a downer on you if you’re not careful. So find your people, find a business support group, network and put your feelers out. 
  5. Celebrate your wins – life can be serious and intense at times so make sure that all these small steps in your business journey are celebrated. It will spur you on and lift your spirits. 

We start these businesses because something comes alive in us. Something sparks us. We want to make a change and do things differently, on our terms. It can be incredibly rewarding (and yes challenging along the way). So let’s stick together, support one another and keep finding things to implement in our business to make life a little easier. 

I would love to hear how you approach your business as it varies from person to person. If you would like to reach out to work with me please don’t hesitate to connect with me by popping me an email at [email protected] or DM’ing me via my social media pages. 

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