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Art and creativity for me is a form of adventure, play, and exploration.  My creative process is rooted in art as a meditative and creative wellness practice. It’s a way to drop into intuitive play and feeling into what wants to show up on the paper. 

I am an explorative artist moving between intuitive abstracts and art journaling to illustrations which heavily feature mandalas and pattern work. 

I ebb and flow between mandala art, illustration, abstract paintings and pattern work. 2020 has seen me develop my skills in character design and I am noticing more and more that women are showing up more and more in my art journal spreads. 

Art Journaling is my adventure playground and I like to use them as inspiration and develop them into larger canvas work.  

I hope you find inspiration in this space. 

You are here to bloom ps
Feminine Mysteries Illustrations
Abstracts & Art Journals
Inner Expansion-01
Mandala Art

abstracts & art journaling

My art practice is a way to get to know myself better and through it find deeper connection to myself and others. Creating intuitive abstracts and mixed media pieces is a way for me to explore themes, topics, or simply to tap into my intuitive creative flow with mark making. It can be beautifully freeing to create more messy paint outside of the lines type work in contrast to my more details mandala work. It gives me a place to explore, adventure and learn new skills.