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The Embodied Cycles Collection


YOU want to be able to predict your fluctuating moods and energy through out the month

YOU want to be in flow with your cycle rather than it just happening to you

YOU want to get to know yourself, your emotions, your patterns and hormones

YOU want to learn about your cycle and the wisdom of the inner seasons

THEN I have created this powerful resource for you

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Hello beautiful woman, 

My name is Jules and I have created this collection because it’s something I wish I was given when I was a young girl. 

It’s a collection of work  and resources that will gently bring you home to yourself. 

The topic of menstruation, bleeding, hormones and PMS is still so taboo and so stigmatised for many women. 

It’s time to make a change to reclaim the wisdom within and find flow with our cycles. 



In the eBook & Integration Journal you will learn: 

  • How hormonal changes affect wellbeing, creativity, confidence, energy and more 
  • How-to guidance on living more in flow with the different phases of your cycle 
  • Self-care practices to try at each phase (or ‘inner season’) of the menstrual cycle 


  • Information, charts and tools to help you begin charting your cycle right away
  • An invitation to re-write the relationship you have with your period and your body
  • Guidance on how to cycle sync with your nutrition and diet 



Are you a visual woman? Do you take in the beauty of gorgeous artwork and get activated?

The Wisdom Keeper Collection is a collection of high quality digital prints printed on recycled cardstock. 

Each Wisdom Keeper holds the energy of each inner seasons, each with a unique essence and quality. 

I have each piece with delicious mandala with unique symbolism representative of each inner season. 

The Menstrual Mandala Set

To help you tap into the qualities of each season of your cycle I have created a beautiful Menstrual Essences Mandala. 

This mandala will support you in checking in quickly and easily so you can attune yourself to the season you in. 

For those integrating tweaking what you eat around your cycle, which I highly recommend you have the Womb Food Mandala. 

The Womb Food Mandala is a perfect addition to your kitchen for when your meal prepping and deciding what to cook. 

It’s an easy way to make sure your adding in foods that with harmonise with your cycle and balance your energy through out the month. 

buy the full set at an incredible discount!

This includes:

  • A Woman’s Guide To Cyclical Living eBook & Integration Journal (Digital Product)

  • Full Set of Wisdom Keeper prints: 4 x A5 prints that have been digitally printed onto recycled cardstock (Physical Product)

  • Full Set of Menstrual Mandala Prints: 2 x A4 prints that have been digitally printed onto recycled cardstock (Physical Product)