Creative Biz updates: Creative Wellbeing for Women

Why Womens Wellness?

Hello Beautiful Humans,

I haven’t shared an update on what’s happening in the world of Kamala Creations for a while. It feels fitting that just as things are slowly opening up here in the UK my business is is expanding.

It’s spring right so new growth is sprouting.

As business owners we have to learn to shift things up when we’re experiencing a bit of a lull. If things aren’t working then change is knocking at your door,

As Ross says in Friends PIVOT!!


I have always loved wellness, understanding human nature and figuring out how to create a life that is nourishing. Its a huge passion of mine and deeply influences the work that I do. Recently I embarked upon growing the art side of my business. Whilst figuring out how to up level my art I realised that I was neglecting an important value of my business. 


There is this INCREDIBLE community I am part of called Indie Roller. It’s a community of small business owners, sharing, learning and growing together. It is THE most supportive creative business community I have been part of and It has really nourished the way I show up as a business owner.

The bubbly founder and Indie Biz Champion Leona Thrift-ola has created the Indie Roller Process where you dive into the foundations of your business. Whilst I have been creating the foundations of my biz I have been exploring my values and my why. My realisation was that self expression and connection were values of mine that I had been completely neglecting.

Four years ago I went on a self discovery mission. I wanted to find out who I was and an authentic way of living. It also was to shed a whole load of emotional baggage that had left me feeling disconnected and incredibly scatty. I felt like I had no purpose.
As humans we hold a shit load of emotional baggage from experiences through-out our childhood that can really impact the way we show up as adults. Listening to what was showing up in my world, I got a nudge from the universe to explore women’s wellness.

It was showing up EVERWHERE and it got me curious.


What exploring women’s wellness looked like for me was learning about my menstrual cycle, joining sisterhood communities and going to women’s circles. I was exploring what it meant to be a woman. 

It was a remembering of our cyclical nature as women. This was something I hadn’t learned about before, especially not at school anyway. The teachers at school skipped sex ed because they were to embarrassed and clearly didn’t wanna dive into these topics with us. A massive disservice to all women in my opinion.

Whilst I was on my self discovery mission my heart was sparked for the most incredible magic that happens when women come together. It showed me just just how powerful it can be when we come together in a circle. We move through a whole range of emotions. We are vulnerable, we dance, we share, we love, we feel, we express and we support each other. 

The energy is palpable. 

I learned about Menstrual Cycle Awareness and that as women we are cyclical in nature just like the earth. The earth has seasons and we have inner seasons. The disconnection I was feeling was soon replaced with the most embodied, deeply connected understanding of myself.

It sparked and awakened this creative spark within me.

Learning this wisdom deeply affected the way that I show up in all experiences. It affects how I plan my time to honour where I am at in my cycle. Menstrual cycle Awareness is in direct relationship with my creative process as an artist, illustrator, mother and business owner.

I could talk about this shizniz for ages but I will end up waffling on. 

The community that awakened this passion and understanding in me is now about to embark on a Wisdom Keeper training.

We will be learning the process of holding Pelvic Bowl Activation Sessions for women. My beautiful friend Yana who founded the community is literally passing this magic onto the sisterhood. We are being gifted this modality so we can pass this wisdom onto more women

This is absolutely LIGHTING ME UP.


It means that I will be sharing a whole load more juicy wisdom with your lovely selves. Here are the things I will be covering:
Menstrual Cycle Awareness, The Creative Cycle and The nuggets of gold I learn whilst navigating motherhood. 


I’ll be guiding these sessions for your lovely selves!

This is a HUGE part of my life and it feels so exciting to be honouring that part of myself and opening space for it within my business.

My creative process is an act of self expression and is a hugely meditative process for me. I want to guide you, my dear sisters into the most nourishing relationship with yourself through Creative Embodiment & Menstrual Cycle Awareness.

I am so excited to be sharing this with you and cultivating a community of women empowered and standing in your embodied creative self!
From my heart to yours, 

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