How to plan your life WITH your cycle

Cyclical living using your menstrual cycle

How to plan your life using your menstrual cycle and cyclical living

We all want to make life as easy and as simple as possible right? Yet often we feel stuck and that we’re constantly coming up against brick walls.

What do you do when your feeling like this?

Do you keep going and push harder?

The thing is, society is approaching life in a state of pushy go getter energy. This go getter energy is NOT sustainable. What if you took a different approach to supporting your wellbeing, and what if that was actually about slowing down?

What if the most powerful approach to nourishing yourself, living a life in harmony with your fluctuating energy by slowing down is what allows you to feel the most full.

I’m talking about tweaking your approach to life to be cyclical rather than linear. Cyclical living is a way to let go of this forceful, survival based energy that western patriarchal culture has ingrained in us. To listen to the tides of our ebbing and flowing energy through out the month. By cultivating an understanding to your menstrual cycle, you deeper your understanding of yourself.

You get to know yourself better and it allows you to honour your needs and hold your boundaries.

Your menstrual cycle is a direct reflection of the earth own rhythms. If you push against your biological nature your stress response begins to build. We see this in mental health problems and health issues such as IBS, PMS, Endometriosis etc. These symptoms are a communication from your body that something isn’t working.

Cyclical living allows you the opportunity to create adaptability that allows you to ebb and flow with life instead of against it. In the video below I share some tips of how to integrate cyclical living into your life through your menstrual cycle.

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