Birth, Maternity leave and The Creative Cycle

Hi World, I’m here!

Hello wonderful people, I’m popping my head back into the world. I thought blogging was a good way to to it. Through my blog I can share my creative work and self with you all. The intention being that at least one of you receives a nugget of gold from what I share. I will be sharing my musings on creativity (of course!), mamahood life and running a small business.

I’m writing this as my 2nd born, 5 week old daughter (eeep I have a daughter!) naps. That’s what life is now. I’m jumping back into using those pockets of time that are sporadic and all over the place. Time to fill with things that fill me up like naps, drawing or writing. 

Today I chose writing, and a nap later on.

Maternity Leave and The Creative Cycle

I can feel those post pregnancy/birth vibes of ideas and musings flying around my head and need to express them. I recently saw a quote that said: 

“The truly creative mind in any field is no more than this: A human creature born abnormally, inhumanly sensitive.”— Pearl S. Buck

I’m a bit weird and abnormal (Teehee) and definitely fit into that category as a creative mama, do you? A sensitive soul who feels and sees everything. Sometimes there is a disconnect between your inner and outer worlds and creating is what helps bridge that gap. It certainly does for me. Creating is a sacred space for me to offload, unpack and express myself. My soul needs it.

Being on maternity leave with my little one is freeing. You enter that slice of time in your life where you don’t need to make an income from your work (wahoo). That being said, if you’re creatively inclined you will still want to create something and express yourself in some way. I know I do. That’s why I am writing this blog musing on the ideas that are floating into my awareness around my art and virtual assistance work.

Though I am not currently working I feel like I’m in the part of the creative cycle where Ideas are coming back through after being in the pleasure phase. The pleasure phase where I have been celebrating my win of a natural birth this time around. Now you all know I am here for cyclical living so know that I tie pregnancy and the creative cycle together because, well, having children is the most profound act of creation after all. The creative cycle looks like this:
Ideas, holding, birthing, pleasure. Then it loops back around into ideas, if you have engaged in the pleasure phase where you have celebrated your previous creation. This concept I learnt from Yana Fay Dzedze, a dear friend and mentor of mine who is deeply engaged in the creative life too.

New Ideas and directions

So what are the ideas that are popping through?

I want to use this time during maternity leave to play and explore my style of illustration. I see a fusion of patterns, female characters, mum life and uplifting quotes. I’ve set everything up to launch back into growing my wholesale when I’m back at work so it would be good to have a load of new work to launch too.

Something else that’s popping in is to slowly nurture some work at your own pace creative classes. The Creative Cauldron, the art school element of my work. A space for you to dip your toes into awakening your own creativity through mark making and art journaling. This is something I have wanted to do for a long time now. It’s time.

Simple, playful, fun and explorative creative classes. 


Next up, my virtual assistant packages. Growth and expansion is coming through. I’m getting an urge to create some specialist packages for small businesses to be able to work with me. Think lead generator creation and set ups, social media strategy sessions, and more. I really want to improve my strategy and process with each offer and package with shit hot systems for maximum efficiency.

Its okay to do things your own way- A multi-passionate creative human.

I am seeing I’m a special kind of creative human. A creative human that is a fusion of creative and artistic yet has a love of organisation and structure. Weird, I know. It gives me a special insight into creative people and how they work. This gives me a knack for being able to keep them on track and help support their work.  I’m really looking forward to expanding my VA work again. I have a few clients already lined up and I am excited to give them my all. 
This will all be done S-L-O-W-L-Y. I am not in any rush. My intention with having two kids and running my own business is to go slow. I want to make space to go at my own pace, without rushing so that I don’t get overwhelmed with all that there is to juggle with two kids and running a business.

For now I am going to sit in this delicious, and very busy and chaotic space of maternity leave. I will honour my needs, give myself the space and time to do things with ease. I will lap up every moment with my kids and make the most of those pockets of time I do get to myself.

Thank you for reading, I appreciate you.

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