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Hello there, my names Juliet, the maker and creator at Kamala Creations HQ.  Welcome to my little nook of the tinterweb.

I am a multi-passionate creative mama with a spark for all things wellness and living life the most authentically that we can. 

We only get one right, so lets make the most of it.

It is my biggest passion in life to inspire others to come back home to themselves through creativity, self-discovery and cyclical living (check out the Embodied Cycles Collection for more on cyclical living).

Why is this my passion you hear you ask? My sister was tragically murdered when she was 13 and I have grown up witnessing grief and mental health issues. I’ve seen how easily life can be taken and the impact grief, mental health and childhood experiences can have on a persons life. 

I believe we all have a story to tell, we all have experiences that influences who we are. We have the opportunity to traverse and grow through them. When you’re ready to dive in and explore these spaces, to unpick them and let them go life can really open up. 

Self-discovery can be a really murky ground to explore. It can bring up so much and shake your world. There is strength in that too. When you make the decision to change how you show up to the world magical things can happen. You are given the opportunity to really embrace life. 

That’s exactly what I am doing. I am here to inspire you to tap into that beautifully creative, connected part of yourself so that you can find joy in life. Not to forget the magic of the littlest of moments. 




Self Discovery




If you make changes to your inner world, it reflect out into your outer reality.

Creative play through art is a catalyst for transformation.

That life is about becoming a better version of yourself each and everyday.

That we are not here to fit inside a box, we all have a uniqueness.

That you deserce happiness, love and respect and I strive to bring you actionable ways to improve yourself and increase your happiness.

I am here to fully support you, to share insights, prompts and inspirations. I am here to make you laugh and show you that playful creative expression is the missing part of your tool kit. I am here to remind you to tap into your curious, fun and loving child within. I am your cheerleader, cheering you on in your journey through life, honoring, respecting and loving you for all that you are, and can be. I am here to show you that you are here to BLOOM.

Art + Creativity = Growth & Transformation

"Creativity doesn't wait for that perfrect moment. It fashions its own perfect moments out of ordinary ones."
-Bruce Garrabrandt