A permission piece: Owning my Witchywoo

Claim all layers of yourself

Last year I had a couple of really juicy conversations with dear friends of mine and each sparked something in me. One sister I spoke to mentioned her visioning experiences and learnings that she feels are along her lifepath. With another sister  I had expressed a feeling of uncertainty and direction in where I wanted to go with my offerings. I expressed that I find that I’m a dabbler in many things and because of this there seems to be no clear niche. She posed to me a couple of questions.  

Where do all the things I do meet? 


Who do I want to be?

 These are pretty profound questions and moved me into a space of reflection.

My trusty tool to explore these questions was my journal.  I love a blank page in my journal to be able to move through my inner landscape and open up space for the new. 

I found myself going round and around, answering the question of who do I want to be over and over again. It brought me to a place of having some quite profound realisations.  

I realised that there’s a side of myself needs more space to be expressed, to be heard and to be seen.  She’s the part of myself that is philosophical and loved to explore the metaphysical by going beneath the surface to explore the inner workings of herself.  She loves to explore emotions, beliefs, behaviours and her triggers.  She likes breaking them down, getting to the root of them and clearing them so that she can be a more fully expanded version of herself. She strives to bring more magic into her life.  Creating ritual and sacred space to go within. 

This layer of myself is who I call my witchy woo. 

I am giving her space to express and to be seen.

We all need a bit more magic, creativity and healing in our lives and my witchy woo woo is all for that!

Art Journaling process around claiming my Witchywoo @kamala_creations

My witchy woo has taken me on a profound journey over the last 5 years. She followed her curiosity and joined women in circles for deep processes working with the moon and menstrual cycles. She took me on a healing journey through The Spiral and Pelvic Bowl Activations with Deep Inner Knowing & Vela Souls. She even got qualified as a Reiki Master (though she has never really shared this). Over the past five years this journey of expansion and evolution that I have been on thanks to my witchy woo  has allowed me to create a toolkit of wellness and healing practices that nourish me to my core. This tool kit brings me back into alignment and grounds me so that I can fully express myself. Where I can dip into different modalities of emotional clearing, embodiment and shadow work to traverse the mucky stuff that inevitably comes up in life.

The thing is, I often find myself dimming down my interests in metaphysical and spiritual practices even if some are now more common like meditation, yoga and tarot. There has still been a sort of embarrassment of being judged for being a bit wacky. What I have come to see is  that when I dim this down in my posts and blogs that actually I am dimming down a part of my personality. I am dimming down myself,  which is not okay. 

So here I am claiming my witchy woo. She makes me feel unbelievably connected and gives me full permission to listen to my inner guidance system. When I listen to her I have the most fulfilling nourishing experiences that really refuel me. My witchywoo brings me into the most authentic version of myself over and over again and for that I am thankful. Because of my Witchywoo I have the most incredible relationships with people in my life and feel really connected to the fact that I feel I am living my life to its fullest.

So here is your permission piece. If there was one message I would like to get across to you through sharing what I have learned from my witchywoo is don’t play down a part of yourself, OWN IT. It might be one of your strongest and most incredible elements that make up you. 

Here is a couple of journal prompts to get you going:

Is there something that you do that makes you feel so good but you hide it from others?

What is it? How does it make you feel?

Why do you think you may hide it from the others? 

If you were to own that part of yourself with no judgement how would it make you feel?

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. 

Big love,

Jules xo

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