Inner Union by Jyoti Imix Ryder

Inner Union, masculine and feminine

This is a transmission shared by my beautiful friend and sister Jyoti. Here she writes beautifully about the inner union of the masculine and feminine energies which we each hold within us.

(Jyoti and I have formed a beautiful friendship over the years. We both expanded out at similar times and our paths started crossing more and more. I have so much love for this woman and each time we see each other again its like nothing has ever changed. Its one of those friendships (the best kind). More information on what Jyoti does and her current offerings are at the bottom of the blog.)


Its time for us to unite
Our inner energies
To access Christ consciousness
The activation of the masculine and feminine qualities & energies within us
The embodiment of the teachings of Jesus and Mary Magdalene
The Awakened Human Heart
There is a King and Queen inside of us
An inner man
And an inner woman
That combined create a sovereign self
We can be all that we dream of
To ourselves
And for ourselves
I would argue that ONLY THEN
Can we possibly truly ‘meet’ another on the external
And be of service to one another without agenda
We were taught
That men are this way
And women are that
Men have these qualities
And women have those
Which taught us to deny half of our selves
Or feel utterly lost in the human experience
Missing out on the stoking of certain qualities
And causing us to search for them outside of ourselves

For instance yesterday
My dear sis and I
Celebrated ourselves CONSTANTLY
As we followed a magical map
Across the moors in Ilkley
On our own
Without signs or marked paths
We’d both been taught
That a man was bestowed with the qualities needed to navigate

And had snoozed at the wheel following the narrative
But ALAS dear family
We are being asked
Gloriously forced
To rise into our wholeness
To know ourselves
Hold ourselves in our storms
Comfort ourselves in our heaviness
Celebrate ourselves in our glory
Forgive ourselves in our shadow dances
Pleasure ourselves in our sexuality
Steady ourselves in our uncertainty
Motivate ourselves to strive and claim
Call bullshit on ourselves when we’re being daft
And shower ourselves in the love we so deserve
When we can embody what we seek externally in another
We come home
We access our power
We find the Glory of God within
We clear the distortions
And can step into our fullness
This time on the planet
Is really revealing to us where we abandon our power

Where we abandon ourselves
The way that we project our authority outward
And seemingly always have done
Victims of this and that and the other


But only we can claim our power
Nobody is gonna give it to us
The whole human process is about us feeling worthy and powerful enough
To let our booty and being rest in the creative throne
Of the Kingdom of our Life
The King and Queen embody all the other archetypes
We’ve been taught again and again that we are pawns
But the reality is that in this chess game
We are every single piece
And both players
The claiming of our inner sovereignty
And activating the powerful archetypes within
Is our doorway
To the claiming of our throne
Each one of us on our own throne
Is the potential of this Earth Humanity dance
And where all the crazy shit in our individual lives and our collective reality
Is attempting to guide us to
We are creating it all
And when we truly step out of victim consciousness
By claiming our whole selves
We get to steer the ship of reality
A couple of days ago
I experienced a blissful inner union marriage ritual
My inner woman and man
Committed to one another
Through vows, song and ceremony
And it was beyond all I could possibly have imagined before
Immediately the distortions I’ve held
Around men and masculinity
Came bubbling upppp
My feminine wobbled like FUCK
But I called to my inner man
And of course, he answered immediately
I was steadied from within
It was beyond profound
And a truly magical experience
If you want to start to develop your inner relationship
Just set the intention
And follow your intuition
Play with it
Take yourself on the date that you’d love to go on
Feel into what you’d like to give and to receive
Be all the things you’ve dreamed ‘they’ would be
And watch yourself come to life

An interesting thing to explore is the location of Mars and Venus in your birth chart
This gives a flavour of the two aspects of your being…
It’s all within us
All we have to do is claim it
And know that we are deserving to do so.
Written by Jyoti Imix Ryder

Jyoti is skilled mystical coach and teacher. She supports individuals to rise into wholeness with her gentle, powerful and unconditionally loving presence. Working with her spirit team as a multi-dimensional channel, her superpowers are around activation and harmonisation.
Practicing Reiki for over a decade, and teaching it for over 4 years, she is an experienced and embodied guide. Receiving initiations in Bali, India, Australia, the America’s and the UK, the flavour of her space holding has been inspired by teachers across the world and throughout the dimensions. piercing through space/time and all aspects of the human experience.
Her human life has been filled with life/death/rebirth cycles and the transformation of trauma has brought her abilities into fruition. She lives the Human Experience fully and has shed the shame cape that kept her ancestors lights dimmed.

This woman is MAGIC! Honestly I cannot sing louder about the potent healing, space holding and friendship I have experienced with Jyoti. We moved through similar circles in our student years and then as we both dived inwards we started showing up in each others circles again, this time in a deeply healing and connected way. I remember at the beginning of my inner expansion as I was journeying an online women’s circle that I was craving in person women’s circles. And so it was, Jyoti invited me to her womb circle and it was just the medicine I was yurning for. Fused with ritual, intention, safe space holding, connection, and inner journeying working with Jyoti developed working on deep work together with her as the facilitator. This nurtured our friendships into one where you don’t see each other for a while but when you do OHHHHH how the room lights up with deep connections and listening to each others recent experiences.

Jyoti is currently promoting her Seven Heavens Ecstatic Dance Session which runs from the 1st-7th January 8-10pm.
Jyoti is a trained 5 Elements Dance Practitioner and has an incredible collection of music to assist you in your ecstatic dance journey.

7x Online Ecstatic Dance Ceremonies Recorded and emailed for those unable to attend live
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As we cross the bridge together into 2021