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Hi I'm Jules

Welcome to my little slice of the internet, I am so pleased to have you here. 

I am a Illustrator, Creative Virtual Assistant and mama to a wildling toddler. 

Kamala Creations is a creative wellness based business where I use my illustration and graphic design skills and love of planning and systems to support female entrepreneurs in being visible online. 

Wellness is my jam and is deeply connected to my creative practice. I am committed to the evolution of my mind, body and soul and put selfcare at the forefront so that I can work and collaborate from a full cup. I run my business according to my menstrual cycle to honour my fluctuating energy throughout the month. This means that I can utilise my high energy for projects but also respecting the need to rest and relaxation to make the most out life.


Dive into Cycle awareness to activate vitality, creativity and leadership in your life


With your menstrual cycle rather than against it. Learn to predict your fluctuating hormones and energy throughout the month


Yourself, your moods, your energy, your nutrition with cyclical living.


The way you see your menstrual cycle and learn to love yourself fully by honouring your needs.

The Blog

Small Business tips // Creativity // Wellbeing + Cyclical Living // Motherhood

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