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Hi I'm Jules

As a creative virtual assistant, dedicated mother, and advocate for wellbeing, I’m here to lend a helping hand and a compassionate heart to businesses using my unique blend of skills.

Beyond the virtual world, I channel my creativity into crafting heartfelt illustrations. My art tells stories through intricate mandala designs, earth centred patterns and a special focus on celebrating women and mothers.

Believing in the power of cyclical living, I’m a firm advocate for embracing life’s natural rhythms- honouring the highs and lows, the growth and rest. This approach is the cornerstone of supporting your overall wellbeing.

Join me on a journey of hamonising work and life, where digital tasks become seamless and wellbeing takes centre stage.

Dive into Cycle awareness to activate vitality, creativity and leadership in your life


With your menstrual cycle rather than against it. Learn to predict your fluctuating hormones and energy throughout the month


Yourself, your moods, your energy, your nutrition with cyclical living.


The way you see your menstrual cycle and learn to love yourself fully by honouring your needs.

The Blog

Small Business tips // Creativity // Wellbeing + Cyclical Living // Motherhood

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