How did my baby get 4 months old. I now understand why people say cherish this time it really is precious.

But you don’t get a parental manual in how to be a parent so I guess at this point in the first year, you’re still coming to terms with your new life, taking each day as it comes and pretty much living in survival mode still.

Survival mode of just getting by. There are beautiful moments, magical moments but every day and week is different and poses its new challenges.

Since squashman was 6 weeks old I felt myself starting to come back or rediscover myself in this new role as a mother and my passion for art and creative play has quadrupled, to say the least. Creating life is the BIGGEST creative act you can do and my Imagination and ideas are flowing strongly in my art dream pool.

I want to infuse being an artist with motherhood both for myself and my squashman. I’m doing deep delving into what being a mother means to me, the good, the challenging and the beautiful and that means being okay with stop-starting and not having massive chunks of time to create for myself.

So now at 4 months I’m looking at sensory play for my boy. Making things to nurture his development and also to give me a chance to do some arts and crafts in the process. Perfect!

At this point, squashman has much better control over his arms and is figuring out how to move his fingers to grab things… Given their always in his mouth he’s now learning to hold things. It’s very strange being able to pass your child things… A definite leveling up in life skills that’s for sure… I feel like he’s just gone up a grade in humaning.

Holding things means I can create lots of sensory objects for him to explore and now that he’s mastered the art of rolling I can place them around for him to interact with, encouraging him to move around to play with these sensory objects. His head control has also increased and is able to quickly identify where the sound is coming from so my man has been playing the guitar for him and we’ve got lots of rattles and noisy toys for him to explore.

Music’s going to be a big one for us as dad’s a guitarist and I can play the cornet/trumpet. Not that I have in a while but we have an array of instruments at our disposal to play with. A good chance for me to reconnect with my musical side.


Here is some sensory play ideas for a 4-month-old:


Rattles & shakers: 

Bottles filled with rice or other containers filled with rice/beads or pasta. Obviously securely contained so as to not create a choking hazard especially since babies seem to explore textures and new objects by putting them in their mouths!

Rhymes and wiggles:

Nursery rhymes and other songs to sing or play to your little ones are a great way to introduce them to new sounds and get their auditory senses going. You can combine this with sitting them on your lap, bouncing and dancing with them. Squash man seems to like being sat on your knee with his legs going over one of your legs so he can run like he’s doing a marathon. It’s pretty funny but also means that we can introduce dancing and wiggles to him.

Sensory pockets:

Another one I’m going to make is sensory pockets. Where you use cellophane pockets filled with things like pom-poms and string for them to look at and feel. You could even put slime into bottles or glittery liquid that they can hold and shake about. Obviously again they need to be securely tightened so as not to leak or be opened by our little humans.


Textures board:

I would really like to create a board with lots of different textures. Especially now Squashman can hold things and has better control over his hands and arms. A great opportunity for him to get a feel of lots of different textures like rough sand, velvet, you could even stick pasta on. You would use a piece of cardboard filled with lots of different textures and let them roll their hands over it.



Ooooo so many ideas! I really can’t wait to crack on with these, I’ll keep you posted on how they go!

What sensory toys have you used with your little ones, I’d love to hear from you, feel free to pop comments below!

Lots of love

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