Adding female portraits to your art journaling practice

For a while now I have been avoiding learning to draw and paint faces, I think I was playing the “I’m not good enough” story so have been avoiding it like the plague.

After a month of putting my creativity and art play on the back burner (sorry creativity!), I decided to get myself inspired again by going to my trusty friend Pinterest.

Pinterest never fails to bring me joy with the number of amazing artists that put their work up. I end up on amazing adventures finding all these amazing artists with mad skills! 

As I was looking through these GORGEOUS female portraits which had an art journaling with abstract/mixed media style backgrounds vibe to them. These female characters are lush! Some of them having little dots and moons added to them WHICH I ABSOLUTELY LOVE! I love a bit of added majestic/spiritual goddess/wild woman/magic vibe. I have been known to add little black dots with eyeliner when I’ve done my makeup, I do love adding little details.

Anyway, these gorgeous female characters drew me to find the artist behind them and that’s when I found Willowing Arts! What a woman! The artist behind is Tamara Laporte. Her work is all about mixed media art and wellness! Which is right down my street, I am linking art and wellness in my own creative adventure as it has helped me no end in exploring who I am and expressing myself. It is incredible to find other artists doing (and absolutely bossing it I might add!) it too. Art is an incredible tool and medium to use to help us with our mental health, to be able to express ourselves and work through emotions.

I signed up for Tamara’s newsletter and you get a free course on how to draw/paint faces! I was absolutely over the moon when I found this out and started it straight away. The free course is delivered through videos and so very easy to stop and start. Tamara gives lots of juicy information and tips on the different art journals she uses and gives nice simple easy instructions.

What I loved about the free course was that I felt like it gave me permission to be okay with my painting not being perfect. And that if I messed up and made the shading too dark it was okay because I could just build it back up with lighter colours and correct it. Bear in mind that this was the first time I had ever painted a face. I’d tried the “learn as you go/teach yourself” method but honestly, I totally sucked at it. I needed some guidance and Tamara’s approach was super fun, simple and relaxed.

It allowed me to let go of this need for it to be “perfect”. I find that with my mandala art it is very structured and measured whereas art journaling and using watercolor pencils, paints, as well as acrylic, gave me creative freedom and the chance to play and experiment.

And that’s what art to me is, it’s about fun, play and letting go of the need for structure.

Adult creative playtime is so important. It’s my mission to spread this message to the world. I am so happy that by doing Tamara’s free art course it tapped into play and emotional wellbeing. MMMMMM it was so yummy!

Here is my creation, I am so proud of her!!!


Tamara has so many goodies which you can find over on her website She is the maker and creator behind the Life Book which looks amazing. It is a jam-packed year course featuring numerous artists working with different mediums, wellness practices and much much more! It is definitely on my future creative investments lists and it should be on yours too!


To check out Tamara’s Garden Fairy- Tending to your needs course HERE or click the images above. 

I hope that you find joy in Willowing- Tamara Laportes work and offerings, I certainly did. 

With love,

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  1. I love your Portrait! And I love your story. You found EXACTLY what you needed to help you in your artistic journey. Life is beautiful in that way, providing what we need if we just have the awareness to see it. I’ll check out Tamara’s Art!

    • Thank you so much for your comment Cindy. Your exactly right, life is soooo beautiful at providing and showing us the things we need at the right times. The beauty of synchronicities hey! Mmmm I totally agree, we have to be able to be willing and open with the awareness to see it. Thats sooo true! <3

  2. Her pieces are gorgeous–so glad that you’re sharing her work!


    • I couldn’t resist sharing her work! It’s so cute and magical!!! She has inspired me and taken me on this whole new creative journey!! xxx Thank you for your comment lovely xx

  3. What a wonderful read. I don’t really art journal but I am going to pass this to my sister who is majoring in illustration. Maybe she can learn from this and start her own art journal.

    • Yess that would be amazing. I’m just getting into art journaling and really enjoying the process. It’s a nice play space to experiment with other mediums and techniques for sure! Does your sister have a page for her illustration? I’d love to have a look at her work! 🙂

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