I write this as I sit in a gorgeous static caravan at Loch Goilhead in Scotland. The skies have cleared and the views are spectacular, the rolling fells go for miles. I’m really enjoying hunkering down and spending the New Year with my man, my little bump, my dad and his partner filling ourselves with cups of tea and lots of good food.

Since being up here and cosying up I’ve been re-sparking my love for organisation and reconnecting with the Bullet Journal. I just been reading through The Bullet Journal Method by Ryder Carrol and I feel ready to create better organisational systems and strategies for my creativity, my health, my spiritual practices and my work.

I am so full of Ideas and passion that I have realised I need to hone my methods of organisation which would make life easier and manageable. It also means I can step away from the digital world in which I work a lot in as a Virtual Assistant and Social Media Manager and indulge in an analogue system that allows me to use my creativity as well as love for lists and planning.

New Year, new goals, new intentions.

I’m excited and full of enthusiasm for it! I do love a good new year.

Over the past 3 days I have been creating a mandala a day and exploring my process and strategy. I have been infusing my creative process with making my mandalas with intention and ritual. They aren’t just a piece of art, they are creations made with intention, good thoughts and pure presence. What I have realised when I make them is that I set my intentions for the mandala as I map out the structure of the mandala. Then as I fill in the details I ponder on the details of the intention. I loose myself in this process. I enter into a blissful state of presence and meditation.

This is what I am looking to explore and develop in 2019, to bring intention and ritual into the creative process to show people a way to practice presence and explore their creativity.

Mmmmmm that sounds YUMMY!

Firstly I’d like celebrate my wins for the past year to help carry the energy and momentum into this New Year:

  • Learnt how to build a website/blog/online shop
  • Won funding from Unltd to run creative workshops with young people to help explore mental health and wellness
  • Passed driving theory test
  • Did 3 x Christmas Crafts Fairs with my mum who does amazing crotchet work
  • Found out I am pregnant!
  • Went self employed
  • Became a social media manager/ Virtual Assistant for some amazing emotional healing practitioners and coaches
  • Created a Menstrual cycle Mandala
  • Discovered my love for intuitive abstract painting
  • Fell in love with journaling
  • Took part in the Deep Inner Knowing women’s journey x 3
  • Found my tribe of spiritual & wellness women
  • Co facilitated first womb activation workshop with my 3 Reiki priestess women
  • Completed Reiki Master Training

How did you reflect back on your year? 

Have you set any goals for 2019?

With Love,


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