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My style

Explore, Play, Flow

Art and creativity for me is a form of adventure, play, and exploration. It’s finding things that inspire you and giving it a go. 

I am an explorative artist adventuring between intuitive creative messy play and more structured detailed pieces.  

The types of work that are my go to are: Reflective Mandala Art, Feminine Floral Illustrations to Free Flowing Mixed Media and Abstracts paintings. 

Art Journaling is my adventure playground and I like to use them as inspiration and develop them into larger canvas work.  

I hope you find inspiration in this space.


For years I have been dabbling in mandala art and illustration whilst oodling at mixed media artists and abstract painters. In 2020 I decided that mixed media and abstract painting is something I’d like to explore more. 

It’s never too late to start something new or to learn a new skill. That’s the beauty of art and creativity, it’s a path of giving it ago, trial and error and finding your flow.