How being out in nature can help your mental health

Mmmmm autumn

Don’t you just love this season, the leaves on the trees turn firey ambers and golden yellows readying up for the leaves to fall and push us into winter.

This time of year always makes me feel snuggly and warm. It allows the introvert in me to recluse into my own little world nestle down and get creative, eat wholesome foods and lounge around drinking cups of tea and watching films.

I find autumn really fires up my creative flare. Ideas of creating art with the beautiful colours that nature provides us with the changing colours of the leaves. It makes me want to create balancing stone sculptures in rivers and land mandalas out of leaves.

This year is a new experience of autumn with a little person. When I became pregnant I knew that I wanted to spend more time outdoors, moving my body and enjoying walks with my family and friends and lapping up what nature has to offer.

Nature brings out the adventurer in me, it grounds me and clears my head. Sometimes it can be easy to loose yourself in being a mum and I found in the early months (Well earlier than now which is 4 months as a mama) to stay in and loose the day with sorting baby and the house out. I have really had to make an effort to go outside every day because it settles my soul and brings me back down to earth.

Doing the job I do working from home on my laptop means that it’s easy to get sucked into laptops and other devices and I really don’t want to teach my son bad habits and addiction to technology. I guess that’s why I am making an effort to create a habit of being in nature everyday now whilst he’s so little.

I want him to get muddy and splash in puddles. To enjoy being out in the woods and paddling in streams. And also because I really want to do that to! I mean I did before but having a child seems to have given me extra permission to go and be a kid myself. You only live once and I feel its super important to tap into our inner child because really, were all big kids dying to let go of the stresses of daily living and play with the world around us.

I know I certainly do and I admire that quality in children. Their wild curiosity and imagination.

I want a bit of that for myself..!

Gardening is something I am starting to get into, we now have a little allotment we are preparing with love and so excited to let little squashman adventure and get his hands muddy with us in the process. Whilst we were away on a road trip down to Dartmoor I watched one of Monty Dons gardening programs and it was speaking about the research that is now being developed into gardening and mental health. It made me look into nature and its benefits on mental health and what research is finding (although it’s clearly obvious when you spend in nature yourself, you can FEEL that its doing your system a whole lotta good!) that being outside in nature can help with anxiety and depression. Two things that new mothers can experience at such an incredible vulnerable time as they find their feet in being a new mother and looking after a baby human 24 hours a day on broken sleep.

Mental health is something that is very important to me and I am incredibly passionate about.  I have suffered from incredible all-consuming anxiety after having my baby and being out and about has helped me overcome it and learn to manage it when it does come a knocking.

It inspired me to be outdoors more even if it’s for 15-30 minutes a day.

So if you’re feeling stuck, a bit lost and the walls are closing in on you I invite you to get your walking boots on and get yourself outside. Go and sit by a river and listen to the sound of it flowing by. Or go into the woods and listen to the wind blowing through the trees. If your feeling creative and don’t mind getting your hands dirty collect lots of natural object you find in the woods and make a mandala out of leaves and twigs, a perfect activity to do in autumn because of all the gorgeous colours mother nature provides us as she winds down before winter.

Take your shoes off, get your feet muddy (even if it is cold) and breathe in the beautiful world around you!


Sensory Play for 4 month old babies

How did my baby get 4 months old. I now understand why people say cherish this time it really is precious.

But you don’t get a parental manual in how to be a parent so I guess at this point in the first year, you’re still coming to terms with your new life, taking each day as it comes and pretty much living in survival mode still.

Survival mode of just getting by. There are beautiful moments, magical moments but every day and week is different and poses its new challenges.

Since squashman was 6 weeks old I felt myself starting to come back or rediscover myself in this new role as a mother and my passion for art and creative play has quadrupled, to say the least. Creating life is the BIGGEST creative act you can do and my Imagination and ideas are flowing strongly in my art dream pool.

I want to infuse being an artist with motherhood both for myself and my squashman. I’m doing deep delving into what being a mother means to me, the good, the challenging and the beautiful and that means being okay with stop-starting and not having massive chunks of time to create for myself.

So now at 4 months I’m looking at sensory play for my boy. Making things to nurture his development and also to give me a chance to do some arts and crafts in the process. Perfect!

At this point, squashman has much better control over his arms and is figuring out how to move his fingers to grab things… Given their always in his mouth he’s now learning to hold things. It’s very strange being able to pass your child things… A definite leveling up in life skills that’s for sure… I feel like he’s just gone up a grade in humaning.

Holding things means I can create lots of sensory objects for him to explore and now that he’s mastered the art of rolling I can place them around for him to interact with, encouraging him to move around to play with these sensory objects. His head control has also increased and is able to quickly identify where the sound is coming from so my man has been playing the guitar for him and we’ve got lots of rattles and noisy toys for him to explore.

Music’s going to be a big one for us as dad’s a guitarist and I can play the cornet/trumpet. Not that I have in a while but we have an array of instruments at our disposal to play with. A good chance for me to reconnect with my musical side.


Here is some sensory play ideas for a 4-month-old:


Rattles & shakers: 

Bottles filled with rice or other containers filled with rice/beads or pasta. Obviously securely contained so as to not create a choking hazard especially since babies seem to explore textures and new objects by putting them in their mouths!

Rhymes and wiggles:

Nursery rhymes and other songs to sing or play to your little ones are a great way to introduce them to new sounds and get their auditory senses going. You can combine this with sitting them on your lap, bouncing and dancing with them. Squash man seems to like being sat on your knee with his legs going over one of your legs so he can run like he’s doing a marathon. It’s pretty funny but also means that we can introduce dancing and wiggles to him.

Sensory pockets:

Another one I’m going to make is sensory pockets. Where you use cellophane pockets filled with things like pom-poms and string for them to look at and feel. You could even put slime into bottles or glittery liquid that they can hold and shake about. Obviously again they need to be securely tightened so as not to leak or be opened by our little humans.


Textures board:

I would really like to create a board with lots of different textures. Especially now Squashman can hold things and has better control over his hands and arms. A great opportunity for him to get a feel of lots of different textures like rough sand, velvet, you could even stick pasta on. You would use a piece of cardboard filled with lots of different textures and let them roll their hands over it.



Ooooo so many ideas! I really can’t wait to crack on with these, I’ll keep you posted on how they go!

What sensory toys have you used with your little ones, I’d love to hear from you, feel free to pop comments below!

Lots of love

How to find pockets of time to create for mothers

My soul seeks creative expression with a PASSION. To the point where I end up with so many bloody ideas, it can get a bit overwhelming at times.

I could dream my day away searching the tinterweb and social media profiles for pieces of art and the amazing artists that create them. Finding inspiring people who have crafted their idea babies into lovely home-grown businesses that feed their souls. From simplistic black ink illustrations on white paper to messy art journal spreads or even watching hula hoop dancers! MMMMMM yes please!

Creative expression in all its forms feeds my soul and fuels the fire of the creative cauldron in my belly. I know out there is a whole host of women who have a fire in their belly for art and creative expression. It’s not this one-off thing we do it’s something that calls to us EVERY SINGLE DAY. There is always the next thing on the list we want to create. (and believe me, I am a lover of lists!)

This is the archetype I call the Creative Searcher, its that part of us that oodles at the creative output of others. Now don’t get me wrong I LOVE this archetype it juices me up and gets me motivated (and can sometimes, if I am not careful, get me feeling really shit because it is easy to get into that comparison game and judging myself again others) however I’d like to merge into the Creative Doer more…

At the moment I am just the Creative Preacher seeking to inspire people to connect with their inner artists and ways in which you can play with therapeutic art to explore your inner landscapes, to find that bliss state where time blurs and you are in the moment expressing through color and lines!

Now being a Creative Doer is pretty challenging with a little human that needs your care 24 hours a day. I am a first-time momma bear to my little squash man who is now 16 weeks old and finding that my creative fire is BURNING SO BRIGHT! I want to dance with it, to explore it, to birth new creations from it! Growing a real-life human child inside you is one of the most creative things a woman can do, and it shows us that we really are powerful creat

ures and births in us this passion in creating the things that bring us joy in life.

I realise I didn’t take advantage of all the time I had when I was an independent individual. I guess that’s one of the lessons you learn when you have kids. Having little human’s means that the pockets of time we get available need to be used to their full advantage.  They are few and far between and need a good amount of planning for optimum use!

We need an hour to plan what we’re going to do with that few hours we have off!

Not wanting to wish this time away with my squashman but I have been struggling inside with Artist and Mother energy at the moment. I need to create to fuel my soul and I need my soul to be fuelled to be able to fuel the soul of my little man.

So here is to surrendering. Surrendering to the fact that we don’t get as much time as we would like to immerse ourselves in creative expression.

SURRENDER is a key piece to remember!

Here is to riding the waves of stop-start creative output and constant interruptions. This is where the practice of patience comes in for mothers. Here is to accepting that as a Creative Mother things take all that bit longer to accomplish.

In the times I am not able to create I am really engaging in the dreaming up of ideas and listing things that I would like to dabble in so that when I do have the time I can cut through the procrastination and do the thing I want to.

I’m enjoying the dreaming up bit in the times I’m busy being mother and adulting, it gets me into my imagination space and gets me visioning. Which can be super juicy space to be in. The ideas space.. but then you need to take that into the holding space and the birthing space… i.e DOING THE THING AND PUTTING IT OUT THERE!

What I have figured out is that in an evening I can put aside an hour when wee man is asleep to crack on with some making and creating, as well as a sneaky little bit during one of his naps during the day IF I am lucky.  This is how I am tackling it at the moment anyway!

I’m curious how other Creative Momma bears optimise the time they have available to tap into their art and creative projects?


Young Peoples Art Course Reflection

At first I hesitated when it came to running art workshops with young people. For some reason there was some sort of fear. Learning to lead a group and the archetype and role of playing the teacher surfaced.

Which I am happy about, because these are roles that I would like to develop and feel they can only be of benefit to me and my development.

The creative arts are a subject that have always been there bubbling in my soul of interest. I love being absorbed by creative immersive experiences like art and music festivals where the décor creates this alternative temporary universe for both children and adults alike.

They become an environment where we get to play in, and it’s that playful energy that I want to remind people of.

To find this element of play we can use the creative arts!

The possibilities are literally endless, there are so many mediums to explore and artists to discover, it all becomes one big playground!

When I envisioned running art classes for young people something that is really important to me is setting the space. Setting intentions and entering a relaxed state so that we can then move forward into the creative exploration we’re about to embark on. In my own creative practice, I like to do a simple breathing relaxation before I start making and playing so that I don’t carry the rest of my day into the activity and I can really focus and let go with my art making. We do so much in our days and we are stimulated by so many things including technology that I believe it’s important to be able to stop, pause, come back into ourselves through breathing and then move off into the next activity that we do. This really helps with clarity and focus on the activity that we are doing.

Now doing this for yourself is one thing, but leading a group of young people to do this was a fear of mine. Self-judgemental thoughts came up of feeling silly. So I have to be honest, out of the 4 sessions I only managed to do this once. However, in that one time when I led the group the young people really engaged with it, and when speaking to them afterwards about how it made them feel they explained that they felt relaxed and tired. I noticed that they all seemed a lot calmer after doing this activity and it is something I am going to work on getting more confident in leading for future workshops and classes.

Through-out the 4 week Doodle Days- Pattern Play course it was about exploring mark making and the use of simple patterns repeated. I wanted the young people to know that they don’t have to create incredibly detailed masterpiece paintings of faces or landscapes to be creative or that they have talent. I wanted them to do learn that using by using simple, repetitive patterns you can create complex looking pieces that are just as beautiful.

I was actually quite shocked at how quickly they picked it up, I had created what I called inspo sheets of patterns that I play with so give them ideas to create their own. The majority copied the ones that I had given and a few started to build confidence in having a go at creating their own patterns.

After the demonstration the young people got straight into it. It was incredible to see how quickly they all got absorbed into the process of creating. In the first couple of sessions they went quite because they were really concentrating, it was a new concept and skill they were learning after all. In the 3rd and 4th session however I noticed that they were much more relaxed in their concentration, it wasn’t as laser beam focused which allowed for reflective conversations to take place.

I used this opportunity to ask the young people how they felt about art and the impact that it has on  them. Here is what they had to say:

How does it make you feel when you’re making art?

“It makes me feel out of body and zoned out”

“It makes me feel relaxed”

“It makes me feel stressed sometimes when I can’t do it properly”

“I find making art makes me feel calm and its fun!”

Why do you think being creative through making art is important?

“At school someone might be not so good at maths or science but actually making art might be the talent that a person has, and is really good at”

“It makes you use your imagination.”

What have you learned in these sessions?

“I have learned how to make all these different kinds of patterns.”

“I have learnt to make leaf type shapes.”

Why do you think art is important in schools?

“It is good for down time between more stressful lessons.”

“It makes you feel less stressed.”

What did you find challenging in these sessions?

“Drawing straight lines.”

“Finishing a piece by the end of the session.”

Would you prefer to make art or to be on your tablet/phone/computer?

5 out of the 6 young people voted they would prefer to be making art.

1 of the young people explained they would like to make art using a tablet or computer.

What type of arts and crafts do you like doing?

“Using glitter.”



“I’d like to learn to spray paint.”


Speaking to the young people about how they felt about art and creative subjects in schools was really enlightening. At the time of the sessions the young people were revising for their SATS and explained that they wished there was more time for them to play or do creative subjects. In the Calder Valley especially Mytholmroyd, Hebden Bridge and Todmorden there seems to be a lack of creative classes that are affordable for young people. It makes me wonder if young people had access to more creative classes and spaces to be able to express themselves would there be less problems with mental health, drug and alcohol misuse in this area? Would it open up spaces where we would have dialogue with young people about mental health, drug and alcohol misuse to help create an awareness about it?

This is my food for thought.

The yummiest thing I got from the art classes was in the final session. Where after 4 sessions making art together, I saw a blossoming in the young people attending. They had spent 4 sessions together and now were having beautiful conversations sharing their interests. I saw a huge improvement on letting go in terms of their creative process in a few of the young people, meaning that they weren’t over thinking what they had to do and got on with it. This allowed them to get more of their pieces finished.

Overall I absolutely LOVED running these sessions. It’s the first set of art classes I have taught and I took so much from them. Ways in which to improve and develop my skills in becoming a teacher and creative guide for young people. To spread creative play and encourage it in young people. To give them a space to be able to express themselves through art and creative outlets.

That’s my mission.

The Journey of saying yes to myself

The first time I said yes to myself

My journey with personal development and transformation started after a break up with an ex-boyfriend in my last year of university.

It was a relationship full of adventure, being bold, colourful, creative and being (now I realise looking) “cool”.


At the root of the relationship I realised that this wasn’t me. It was him. I had attached myself to him so much that I became co-dependent and was mixing up my sense of self with his.

After realising this I decided to break away from the relationship and get my independence back. It was the first time I was listening to my intuition and saying YES to myself. But in doing so it was sludgy. It was a messy break up and I, now being alone found myself completely lost, and having the big realisation that I didn’t know who the hell I was.

I found myself in a really dark space and curled up in a ball of depression for a good few months. I have never experienced depression before and when I look back at that relationship and the few months afterwards all I can see is black sludge.  I realise that I had taken away my safety blanket of having someone there with me all the time, someone for me to look after as a way of putting off looking after myself.

After hiding away in my room I slowly started to talk to people and I was advised to start treating myself. To take myself for a massage as a form of self-love and appreciation for myself.

This was completely foreign to me, I had never actively or consciously gone out to treat myself in this way before. So as I was walking down the street one day I found a little building with a beautiful purple peacock on the front. Hannah’s Place it was called.

I had walked passed this purple peacock a fair few times but never had the courage to go in and see what there was to offer. But this time I had been introduced to this new idea of treating myself.

When I got home I did a bit of digging around online and got in touch with the owner Hannah, a beautiful woman who has now become someone I will forever be so grateful for.

I booked myself in for a massage and Reiki, a form of energy healing.

I have always been curious about energy healing, mysticism, eastern philosophy, ceremony, and other forms of holistic healing. This session with Hannah was the start of coming back home to myself. The beginning of a journey in reclaiming and redefining parts of myself, to feel safe and whole with a big dollop of self-love. I needed to find these for myself rather than searching for them in relationships with other people.

The session with Hannah wasn’t just a massage and Reiki, it was a safe space for me to talk with someone who held space for me, we set intentions and Hannah with her gorgeous fire energy motivated, inspired me and planted a seed for the direction that I have been going in ever since. The Reiki healing I experienced brought up floods of tears for me, of happiness and sadness.

I felt sad because I was so far away from who I felt on the inside, I felt I had lost myself and not looked after myself. I wasn’t living integrity. But I was also so incredibly happy to have space held for me, to allow myself to be treated to something that felt aligned for me at that time. It was a beautiful healing reminder that I could look after myself and put myself in a space of healing.

This experience of saying yes to myself and treating myself set the tone for my journey of transformation and self-exploration. Since then I have been exploring learned behaviours, conditioned beliefs, trauma stories and trigger points to transform to help me live internally and externally in my integrity.

My method of self-exploration is through creative expression. I journal everyday asking myself questions about situations, writing letters to my past and future self as well as practicing gratitude and setting intentions for myself each day. I also found a love for making and using mandalas as a form of self-reflection time for me to ponder and think.

Art has become a form of personal development and self-exploration

Art, I have realised is a tool for transformation

Art and creative expression is a catalyst for personal growth and change

Art helps you express how you feel without words



Inspirational Artists #1- Willowing Arts- Tamara Laporte

Adding female portraits to your art journaling practice

For a while now I have been avoiding learning to draw and paint faces, I think I was playing the “I’m not good enough” story so have been avoiding it like the plague.

After a month of putting my creativity and art play on the back burner (sorry creativity!), I decided to get myself inspired again by going to my trusty friend Pinterest.

Pinterest never fails to bring me joy with the number of amazing artists that put their work up. I end up on amazing adventures finding all these amazing artists with mad skills! 

As I was looking through these GORGEOUS female portraits which had an art journaling with abstract/mixed media style backgrounds vibe to them. These female characters are lush! Some of them having little dots and moons added to them WHICH I ABSOLUTELY LOVE! I love a bit of added majestic/spiritual goddess/wild woman/magic vibe. I have been known to add little black dots with eyeliner when I’ve done my makeup, I do love adding little details.

Anyway, these gorgeous female characters drew me to find the artist behind them and that’s when I found Willowing Arts! What a woman! The artist behind is Tamara Laporte. Her work is all about mixed media art and wellness! Which is right down my street, I am linking art and wellness in my own creative adventure as it has helped me no end in exploring who I am and expressing myself. It is incredible to find other artists doing (and absolutely bossing it I might add!) it too. Art is an incredible tool and medium to use to help us with our mental health, to be able to express ourselves and work through emotions.

I signed up for Tamara’s newsletter and you get a free course on how to draw/paint faces! I was absolutely over the moon when I found this out and started it straight away. The free course is delivered through videos and so very easy to stop and start. Tamara gives lots of juicy information and tips on the different art journals she uses and gives nice simple easy instructions.

What I loved about the free course was that I felt like it gave me permission to be okay with my painting not being perfect. And that if I messed up and made the shading too dark it was okay because I could just build it back up with lighter colours and correct it. Bear in mind that this was the first time I had ever painted a face. I’d tried the “learn as you go/teach yourself” method but honestly, I totally sucked at it. I needed some guidance and Tamara’s approach was super fun, simple and relaxed.

It allowed me to let go of this need for it to be “perfect”. I find that with my mandala art it is very structured and measured whereas art journaling and using watercolor pencils, paints, as well as acrylic, gave me creative freedom and the chance to play and experiment.

And that’s what art to me is, it’s about fun, play and letting go of the need for structure.

Adult creative playtime is so important. It’s my mission to spread this message to the world. I am so happy that by doing Tamara’s free art course it tapped into play and emotional wellbeing. MMMMMM it was so yummy!

Here is my creation, I am so proud of her!!!


Tamara has so many goodies which you can find over on her website She is the maker and creator behind the Life Book which looks amazing. It is a jam-packed year course featuring numerous artists working with different mediums, wellness practices and much much more! It is definitely on my future creative investments lists and it should be on yours too!


To check out Tamara’s Garden Fairy- Tending to your needs course HERE or click the images above. 

I hope that you find joy in Willowing- Tamara Laportes work and offerings, I certainly did. 

With love,

A magical way to set up your creative space

Sometimes it can be really difficult to get into the swing of making the piece of art that you’ve wanted to create for a while.

There you are in front of your canvas/paper/computer ready to start and you just go blank. All the day’s thoughts over take the creative process, you start thinking about what other things you need to do. Then the inner critic arrives feeding you negative thoughts trying to distract you from making the thing.

Overall it becomes a really bloody stressful and frustrating experience, then of course you can’t be bothered to create your art, because you’re not in the right frame of mind to create it.

I have done this a million times. Or alternatively I think of all the other things I could be doing except creating that piece I’ve been planning on for god knows how long.

Yes it’s true, creativity isn’t something that is there all the time, and you have to nurture it.

You have to be gentle with it, be kind to it, ease it out and create space for it that it will thrive in.

I recently was listening to a book called Keys to the kingdom by Alison Armstrong: Celebrating men, satisfying women. If you haven’t read it, I totally recommend it. It’s about how to create beautiful loving PARTNERSHIPS with men. In it Alison describes a transition period that men go through when they change from one environment to another. This could be a man coming home from work. She describes the transition period where a man needs 30 minutes or so to let go of being in work mode to being at home mode. In this period he goes inside himself, he is usually quiet, he might spend 20 minutes reading a paper and getting changed then suddenly he is in a space where he wants to connect and chat.

This got me thinking, it’s the same with creativity. We can’t just stride into the art room and suddenly be able to create.

We have to set the scene.

We have to get in the head space.

This is where I have developed a beautiful, yet simple practice to help me get into the creative spirit before putting pen to paper, brush to canvas.

I love scent and so often use sage to smudge (basically waft sage smoke around) the space I am creating in whilst setting intentions out loud. This may be a little woo woo for some people and that’s cool if it’s not down your street. There is lots of ways you can make a practice for creating your art space.

My main practice is through visualisation and having an inner dialogue with myself. 

My practice

  • Light any incense or diffuse/burn any essential oils that make you feel good (obviously safety is key people!)
  • Sit in front of your canvas paper and close your eyes
  • Bring your attention to your breath, deepen each breath so that it sinks deeper into your belly. Belly breathing is the best and is a great way to get out of your head and into your body.
  • Once you have settled into your belly breathing start set an intention for the creative journey you about to embark on and the piece you are about to create.
    • Examples of Intentions could be:
      • I open this space to allow my creativity to flow
      • During this hour of creating I will be focused and not allow my mind to wander
      • I set this space to enjoy the creative process
      • In this time I will make a good start on this creative piece
      • I am grateful for the ability to make art
      • I will have fun making this piece of art
    • Now see if you can visualise the piece you are going to create, imagine yourself feeling really happy with the end result, letting go of your inner critic.
    • Take a few more deep belly breaths
    • Slowly open your eyes and adjust back into the space
    • Start your piece of art feeling happy and in the zone.

I have found that taking this time to set intentions and come back into my body through breathing really helps me get focused and end up being really productive.

A good idea is to set a certain amount of time aside for creating, when it’s up take a break. Step away from your piece and do something else. Then come back to it. I know for me that if I work for too long on the same piece I can end up feeling foggy in the head and then it just ends up really frustrating to create.

I hope this helps and inspires you.

I’m really interested in hearing other people’s creative practices to help them get in the zone of making their art..!!

With Love,

Reflecting on 2018: Celebrating wins

I write this as I sit in a gorgeous static caravan at Loch Goilhead in Scotland. The skies have cleared and the views are spectacular, the rolling fells go for miles. I’m really enjoying hunkering down and spending the New Year with my man, my little bump, my dad and his partner filling ourselves with cups of tea and lots of good food.

Since being up here and cosying up I’ve been re-sparking my love for organisation and reconnecting with the Bullet Journal. I just been reading through The Bullet Journal Method by Ryder Carrol and I feel ready to create better organisational systems and strategies for my creativity, my health, my spiritual practices and my work.

I am so full of Ideas and passion that I have realised I need to hone my methods of organisation which would make life easier and manageable. It also means I can step away from the digital world in which I work a lot in as a Virtual Assistant and Social Media Manager and indulge in an analogue system that allows me to use my creativity as well as love for lists and planning.

New Year, new goals, new intentions.

I’m excited and full of enthusiasm for it! I do love a good new year.

Over the past 3 days I have been creating a mandala a day and exploring my process and strategy. I have been infusing my creative process with making my mandalas with intention and ritual. They aren’t just a piece of art, they are creations made with intention, good thoughts and pure presence. What I have realised when I make them is that I set my intentions for the mandala as I map out the structure of the mandala. Then as I fill in the details I ponder on the details of the intention. I loose myself in this process. I enter into a blissful state of presence and meditation.

This is what I am looking to explore and develop in 2019, to bring intention and ritual into the creative process to show people a way to practice presence and explore their creativity.

Mmmmmm that sounds YUMMY!

Firstly I’d like celebrate my wins for the past year to help carry the energy and momentum into this New Year:

  • Learnt how to build a website/blog/online shop
  • Won funding from Unltd to run creative workshops with young people to help explore mental health and wellness
  • Passed driving theory test
  • Did 3 x Christmas Crafts Fairs with my mum who does amazing crotchet work
  • Found out I am pregnant!
  • Went self employed
  • Became a social media manager/ Virtual Assistant for some amazing emotional healing practitioners and coaches
  • Created a Menstrual cycle Mandala
  • Discovered my love for intuitive abstract painting
  • Fell in love with journaling
  • Took part in the Deep Inner Knowing women’s journey x 3
  • Found my tribe of spiritual & wellness women
  • Co facilitated first womb activation workshop with my 3 Reiki priestess women
  • Completed Reiki Master Training

How did you reflect back on your year? 

Have you set any goals for 2019?

With Love,