Welcome to From Maiden to Mother
a sacred transitioning of womanhood

Welcome mama,
I created this blog to document my journey through pregnancy into motherhood.  To be totally honest with you I thought I would be able to document my journey a bit more consistently. I wanted to post weekly about my journey but actually, pregnancy so changeable from day to day, week to week that I haven’t been able to stick to that. 

Which I am cool with, I am currently 34 weeks pregnant as I write this and have a sudden burst of creative flow and ideas that are coming through for what this space could turn into.  I’m feeling some sort of creative mama world of my ramblings and reflections on what it is to be creative, run my own business and learn how to be a mother and look after a tiny human all at the same time. 

Mmm yes, that’s what I am feeling. So I am just going to keep it at that, it’s not a clean picture perfect idea that’s solidified yet, its one that needs to go with the flow. I’m feeling that going with the flow and taking it all in your stride is super important in motherhood. My need and love for organisation is going to learn how to work around motherhood so I’m sure this space will get clearer and more streamlined as I figure this whole motherhood thing out but for now I am going to keep it raw and real. 

Finding out!

Finding out Ahhhhh!!! FINDING OUT! To be totally honest with you, I was a bugger for doing pregnancy tests at least once a month. I came off the copper coil

Honoring each other

It’s all good and well me being broody and wanting children but what if my man wasn’t in the same place? This is the next part of the story. I


The Transition Since finding my man life has taken a beautiful turn. I feel like I have found the man that helps raise me up, who supports me. I feel