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Welcome to the blog! The intention for this space if to inspire you through words and snippets into the world of Kamala Creations. Here you will find topics that cover: Art, Creative Wellness, Mental Health, Motherhood and Journaling. I will be showing you a window into my world of works in process, ideas I am playing with and much more!

Sacred Cycles and Motherhood

How do we integrate our cyclical nature as women whilst being mothers to babies/young people and space holders in the home?
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How creativity is good for health and well being

There is a lot of benefits that come with tapping into your creativity. It is a common belief that people think they are not good at art or that they are not creative. But this is not true. It’s quite likely that you had some kind of experience when you were younger that stifled your creativity.
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How to get into a creative space

A beautiful way to start your art Sometimes it can be really difficult to get into the swing of making the piece of art
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