Welcome to the kamala creations blog

On here you will find lots of juicy ramblings and reflections, I will share with you a window into my world.
This blog is here to show you my creative process, sneak peaks into my studio and ways in which I add wellness practices into my life and artwork.
The intention for this space to offer you insight, practices and little nuggets of inspiration that you can bring into your own life and creative flow.

How being out in nature can help your mental health

Mmmmm autumn Don’t you just love this season, the leaves on the trees turn firey ambers and golden yellows readying up for the leaves to fall and push us into
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Sensory Play for 4 month old babies

How did my baby get 4 months old. I now understand why people say cherish this time it really is precious. But you don’t get a parental manual in how
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How to find pockets of time to create for mothers

My soul seeks creative expression with a PASSION. To the point where I end up with so many bloody ideas, it can get a bit overwhelming at times. I could dream
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Young Peoples Art Course Reflection

Image #1 Image #2 Image #3   At first I hesitated when it came to running art workshops with young people. For some reason there was some sort of fear.
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The Journey of saying yes to myself

The first time I said yes to myself My journey with personal development and transformation started after a break up with an ex-boyfriend in my last year of university. It
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Inspirational Artists #1- Willowing Arts- Tamara Laporte

Adding female portraits to your art journaling practice For a while now I have been avoiding learning to draw and paint faces, I think I was playing the “I’m not
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A magical way to set up your creative space

Sometimes it can be really difficult to get into the swing of making the piece of art that you’ve wanted to create for a while. There you are in front
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Reflecting on 2018: Celebrating wins

I write this as I sit in a gorgeous static caravan at Loch Goilhead in Scotland. The skies have cleared and the views are spectacular, the rolling fells go for
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