Art is what sets my soul on fire

Hello, I'm Juliet!

I am here to ignite, empower and inspire

This space is about (re)igniting our creative flame. Within all of us is a creator, its what we do. We are all innately creative people whether we realise it or not, whether you have been brought up amongst a family of artists or not. Many people have forgotten how to tap into their inner artist and this is where I come in. I am here to show you that making art isn't actually that difficult. Its about fun and play, its about tapping into our intuitive nature and exploring what we feel in that moment.

Mother // Creative Expression Explorer // Hula Hooper Dancer // Journaling & Planning geek // Adventurer


Hey there I’m Jules

Welcome welcome welcome to my corner of the tinterweb

I’m a Momma Bear // Explorer of the creative arts // Avid adventurer of Inner world Journaling  and a bit of a geek for systems, planning and organisation.

I am a woman of polar opposites.

You will find me changing things up, rearranging and refining my home and figuring out ways I can level up and expand my work.  I am a sucker for organisation, planning and systems, it brings out the inner geek and secretary in me (also that Virgo part of my personality). On one side I am a colourful, pattern on pattern patchwork kind of woman and on the other I like things neat, neutral and in their place. 

I have a fire in my belly that pulls me towards all things artsy, crafty and creative. Therapeutic art making fused with ritual has brought me into a deeper connection to myself and with my soul. It has taught me how to explore my inner landscape and I have found my bliss state in putting pen and paint to paper and expressing myself through mark making, meditative mandalas and reflective journaling. Hula Hoop Dance is my next element.

My passions are many and finding my “niche” is near impossible because I simply do not fit in a box. I mean does anyone fit in a box? Life and human nature is a bit more chaotic than that.

So here is to embracing Chaos and constant interruptions that motherhood is teaching me.

Kamala Creations is my creative baby, it is my platform to reflect back to you to ways in which you can live a more centered, fulfilled and inspired life through using therapeutic art making, Inner Soul journaling and a dollop of planning, systems and organisation. Oh and also to promote creative inspiring women I think will inspire you.

Kamala in Sanskrit means lotus flower, a flower that grows through murky waters and blossoms into something beautiful. To me it represents the ebb and flow of life, the creative process and learning new skills. It represents growth through darkness and our shadowy sides into bright shiny transformation and unfolding beauty.

In this space I invite you adventure in my creative process and use it as a point of inspiration and motivation. Absorb yourself in art tutorials and tap into your inner artist.

My artist self is a dabbler of mixed media abstract paintings, colourful landscapes, feminine symbolic floral illustrations and meditative mandalas.