Art is what sets my soul on fire

Hello, I'm Juliet!

I am here to ignite, empower and inspire

This space is about (re)igniting our creative flame. Within all of us is a creator, its what we do. We are all innately creative people whether we realise it or not, whether you have been brought up amongst a family of artists or not. Many people have forgotten how to tap into their inner artist and this is where I come in. I am here to show you that making art isn't actually that difficult. Its about fun and play, its about tapping into our intuitive nature and exploring what we feel in that moment.

A window into my world…

I am a self-taught artist, maker and creator. I absolutely love love LOVE any means of being able to express myself creatively. It could be art journaling, drawing, painting or sewing, anything where I can play with colour, shapes, patterns, faces or words mmmm I LOVE it.

Creative play and art is my tool, my weapon of choice helping navigate through life. I am here to show you it can be yours too.

I realised after finishing university that the conventional 9-5 job world just didn’t suit me. It didn’t allow space for me truly living and to be engaging in the things that make my heart sing. To be having fun, exploring, to feel good about myself.

All over the internet I would see all these successful people travelling the world living their ideal lives and it really resonated with me. I wanted that. But then I realised that I had some serious belief issues and behaviour patterns that were holding me back. Beliefs, behaviours and stories that were stopping me feeling like I was even worthy of achieving such things.

And so my journey of personal growth began.

My tool CREATIVE PLAY. Art is an incredible and most importantly FUN tool to express yourself and it doesn’t necessarily need to even include words in it!

Creatively PLAYING with art is way of not only expressing yourself but of tapping into that inner child. You know that inner child who loved climbing trees, painting, playing and scribbling outside the lines.

Creative play is a method of taking yourself out of that very confined box you have been putting yourself in and providing you space to let loose and have some fun. To dream up your wildest dreams.

Kamala is Sanskrit for Lotus flower. A lotus flower roots and grows up through the murky muddy waters and blooms into a beautifully majestic flower. In life we have to wade through the muddy waters in order for us to bloom.

Creative play has helped me have some profound changes in my life and has been a catalyst in my healing. I live and breathe it and I am here to share it with you.

I believe:

If you make changes to your inner world, it reflects out into your outer reality.

Creative play through art is a catalyst for transformation.

That life is about becoming a better version of yourself each and every day.

That we are not here to fit inside a box, we all have a uniqueness.

That you deserve happiness, love and respect, and I strive to bring you actionable ways to improve yourself and increase your happiness.

I am here to fully support you, to share insights, prompts and inspiration.

I am here to make you laugh and show you that creative play is the missing part of your tool kit.

I am here to remind you to tap into your curious, fun, loving inner child.

I am your cheerleader cheering you on in your journey through life, honouring, respecting and loving you for all that you are and can be.

I am here to show you that you are here to BLOOM!

In my adult life creativity has been my rock and my transformational tool which I have used for personal development. It has been a safe space for me to express myself, to play with colour, to reflect on my day, to set goals, to journal and get myself organised.

Learning and growth is a fundamental part of my life from reading, to watching videos on painting, drawing or hula hooping or being inspired by incredible artists from around the world. I use all these as tools to help me play and develop my own skills and method of arting..!

Arting and creative play. That’s my thing.

Tapping into creative play is where I am most comfortable. It is in this space of creative expression that everything dissolves away and I play in my inner world. It’s my place of pure bliss and magic.

I have come to realise that creativity is something that I have always used and always been drawn to through-out my life. If I have gone through a difficult experience expressing myself creatively has been my tool to work through, reflect, let go and release that experience so that I can learn the lessons I needed to learn and move forward with my life.

Art + Creativity = Growth & Transformation