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Hi there, I’m Juliet, or Jules for short. It’s lovely to meet you. 

I am so pleased you have found my little creative nook of the internet.

Over the years I have come to realise that my passions in life are really a fusion of many things. I’ve tried having a “niche” but honestly that’s really not me. 

I’m a dabbler in many creative pursuits from illustrations, mandalas to art journaling. A beautiful exploration between the messy and free to structured and more detailed work. I am a Gemini after all. 

I am a self taught artist and I have picked up my skills from many years of practice, play and explorations. Being consistent and ensuring I carve out time to practice has really been the key to my creative growth.

Being connected to my body, mind and soul is incredibly close to my heart. I believe in cultivating a deep relationship with ourselves so that we can live a full and embodied life full of deep connections. I do this by making art, connecting with the power of sisterhoods, moving my body, eating nourishing foods (as much as possible) and getting lots of time out in nature. 

Both written and art journaling is something I have done for years. It is an beautiful and gentle way of offloading, dissecting, expressing, processing and creating. Its one of my many soulful practices that I’ll be doing for a very long time. 

 In this space I will give you a window into my creative world with the intention that it will encourage creativity in you too!







If you make changes to your inner world, it reflect out into your outer reality.

Creative play through art is a catalyst for transformation.

That life is about becoming a better version of yourself each and everyday.

That we are not here to fit inside a box, we all have a uniqueness.

That you deserce happiness, love and respect and I strive to bring you actionable ways to improve yourself and increase your happiness.

I am here to fully support you, to share insights, prompts and inspirations. I am here to make you laugh and show you that playful creative expression is the missing part of your tool kit. I am here to remind you to tap into your curious, fun and loving child within. I am your cheerleader, cheering you on in your journey through life, honoring, respecting and loving you for all that you are, and can be. I am here to show you that you are here to BLOOM.

Art + Creativity = Growth & Transformation

"Creativity doesn't wait for that perfrect moment. It fashions its own perfect moments out of ordinary ones."
-Bruce Garrabrandt