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Hi I'm Jules

 It’s so lovely to have you here.

I am a mother, an artist, a hula hoop dancer, and a woman of many (creative) passions. 

I am bubbly, colorful, down to earth and soulful.

The perfect fusion of organised and messy, of creative and structured. 

My art work deep dives into meditative mandalas, bold colorful mixed media explorations with a dollop of whimsical portraits, intuitive abstract paintings and feminine floral illustrations. 

I believe creativity has the capacity to awaken, empower and heal.
It is essential for your holistic well being! 

offerings & services

I offer creativity, personal growth and wellbeing workshops, online courses and events.  I am a permission giver here to gently guide yourself back to your creative self and show you what is possible through art and expression. I create spaces to allow you to play, explore and journey within. To see more of my creative work you can view my gallery or check out the online self study art courses. 

I am in service for all the administrative, behind the scenes techy stuff that supports your business. I am a Virtual Assistant offering  Graphic Design & Illustration, Social Media Management, Website Development and maintenance services to assist you and your business needs. I bring structure and clarity, giving you time to work on your offerings by working on all the back of the scenes techy stuff! For more information on my business services click here


Kamala in Sanscrit means Lotus Flower. The Lotus flower grows in muddy water and rises above the surface to bloom with remarkable beauty. The name Kamala Creations came about on the fitting metaphor that our creative selves are just like the lotus flower. We grow through muddy waters of self doubt and judgement and with practice, comes growth and our inner artist emerges and blooms

Explore. Create. Inspire. heal