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Bring your creativity to life

Welcome, It’s so lovely to have you here.

My name is Jules, I am a mandala artist, mixed media artist, Illustrator, Graphic designer, art journal lover, and well actually a dabbler of many creative outlets (including hula hoop dance!).

I believe creativity has the capacity to awaken, empower and heal and is essential for our holistic well being! 

Creativity brings us back into that space of play, exploring and adventure.  I am a permission giver and gentle (and colourful) guide here to support you bring your creative self into the world. 

Kamala Creations

Kamala in Sanscrit means Lotus Flower. The Lotus flower grows in muddy water and rises above the surface to bloom with remarkable beauty. The name Kamala Creations came about on the fitting metaphor that our creative selves are just like the lotus flower. We grow through muddy waters of self doubt and judgement and with practice, comes growth and our inner artist emerges and blooms

Explore. Create. Inspire. heal

The Team

Hi I'm Juliet