Welcome, Creative Soul!
A beautiful journey starts when you (re)discover your creativity
Let's become creative explorers together.
Art rehabilitates our capacity to feel


Hello Lovely, I am so glad you are here.
Welcome to my world where I weave creativity expression with wellness, ritual and intention to form a beautiful relationship with myself. I'm here to show you how to do the same.

My name is Juliet,

I am an Illustrator, Mandala Artist, Painter, Journaller, Bullet Journalist, Hula Hoop Teacher and lover of all things arts and crafts. 

I believe creativity has the power to transform, empower and illuminate your intuition. 

Creativity, I believe is a catalyst for change and holistic wellness. This is why I fuse the two together. 

I am a permission giver and avid enthusiast of helping people (re)discover their own inner artist. 



This FREE Creative Wellness Cheat Sheet is a great way to help you set up your space with intention and help you move into creative flow. Just follow the practices and allow the pleasure of making art to increase!